Q&A Session

Bring Your Lasso MSA Questions!

The Lasso Healthcare MSA is a new product on the field, which means there are naturally lots of questions. In these 20-30 minute question and answer sessions, we arm you with information that'll help you be successful out in the field. In the past, we've covered topics such as Ideal Client Profiles, Lasso and Chronic Conditions, Tax Preparations, and the CMS Medicare Enrollment Dashboard.

The majority of this session is for you to ask me whatever you need – so come with questions!

  • $0 premium product with an annual deposit into their medical savings account
  • This is the ONLY Medicare Advantage product with no networks!
  • No drug plan associated with the MSA, so your client can choose the best plan in their area for the lowest cost
  • One-of-a-kind hybrid product – not a typical MA plan, and not a Med Supp
  • Healthy consumers will be seeking this product out – become familiar with it before your competition does!

Steve Spinner
Director of Medicare Advantage Sales

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