A growing library of marketing and sales materials designed to help Medicare Advantage agents close more business – compliantly.

We have three sets of Medicare Advantage marketing materials for the ICEP audience (people turning 65) and the special enrollment period (SEP) audience.

September 2022 Notice: Our team is working hard to update these materials and get them through the CMS approval process. As of September 2022, please do not utilize these materials during AEP. You may still download them, but please do not send any of these emails or make any social posts until we inform you that these marketing pieces have official CMS approval.

ICEP (Turning 65 Audience)


NEW! ICEP (Turning 65 Audience)


SEP (Special Enrollment Periods)


Creating your own marketing materials to promote Medicare Advantage products is a major time commitment.

Sure, you can utilize the branded marketing pieces created by carriers like Humana or Aetna, but what if you want your agency branding to be the focus? What if there are several competitive MA carriers in your area, and you don't want to pin yourself to just one option?

We understand that, and that's why the New Horizons marketing team is developing an extensive library of generic, non-branded Medicare Advantage marketing materials.

Marketing Medicare Advantage Plans 

You can bet these MA advertising materials are compliant, they're persuasive, and they're available in a variety of formats.

  • Cross-checked for compliance: two incredible organizations check these materials to ensure every word is compliant according to the Medicare Communications and Marketing Guidelines (MCMG).
  • Persuasive, benefit-rich copy: a bold headline and a body that outlines why MA products are so attractive will catch the eye of your target market.
  • Clean, easy to digest design: No clutter, no chaos. The clean design you'll find in our Medicare Advantage assets has been carefully crafted by a performance-driven marketing agency that has done advertising for Aetna Medicare Solutions, VSP, and AARP.
  • Find your format: whether you prefer a flyer, postcard, social media posts, desk display, or a combination of these, we have options to suit your preferences.
  • Customize with your logo and contact information: effortlessly and professionally let clients know you offer Medicare Advantage plans. 

Stress-free compliance advice

We know compliance and the red tape surrounding it gives agents heartburn. What if you contact a potential enrollee at the wrong time or you use the incorrect format?

With our compliant marketing and advertising materials, you don’t need to be nervous. Each piece comes with a clear explanation of how it can be used and when.

Don’t get buried by Medicare Communications and Marketing Guidelines. Let us do the work for you so you can do what you do best: serve seniors.

A few helpful tips:

  • You can make unsolicited direct contact with potential enrollees using direct mail, other print media/advertisements, and email (with an opt-out).
  • You can’t knowingly target people during OEP (January 1-March 31), but you can conduct other marketing activities like marketing to age-ins (people turning 65 who don’t yet have a plan).

Again, don’t worry – we’ll make sure you are confident and prepared when using our generic Medicare ads.

Download Medicare Advantage Marketing Materials Now: