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Medicare Supplement Agents: Get Support, Top Contracts, Tip Sheets, Quoting Tools & More

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John Hockaday (far left) and Jeff Sams (far right) awarding a top agent.

Great service goes beyond paperwork. Get underwriting help, customized toolkits, & more. Learn why Medicare Supplement agents love working with New Horizons Insurance Marketing.

Underwriting Support

Nobody knows underwriting better than John Hockaday. He knows what an underwriter will and won’t take, so it ends up saving the agent a lot of heartache.

When some people talk about service, they’re talking about how fast contracting gets done or how fast you hear back from them, and all of that is important, but if you can’t get the sale or know where to put the sale… what good is that?

When you need help placing a tough case, you can count on New Horizons to get it done.

Top Contracts and Commissions

We know that if we don’t have great contracts, you won’t sign with us! That's why we offer the highest commissions possible to our agents.

We also do everything we can to maximize the commission you get, such as opting out of any expensive lead programs. We’d rather pay you all the commission we can pay you, and you choose which lead source you like the best. For specific commission information, simply give us a call and we’ll verify your commission level.

service and support-john and rogerJohn Hockaday with agent, Roger Bland

Tools Med Supp Agents Love

Producers love our tip sheets and custom marketing pieces, all free to contracted agents!

The Medicare Supplement Bonus Tip Sheet offers our agents a quick snapshot of what each company is currently offering.

"I like the tip sheets; I find them interesting to see how I can earn extra money. However, I do not let this one factor (extra money) overly influence what product I end up recommending to a client. I put the client's wants and needs first, and that has worked for me for about 33 years."
–Anne Copeland

"This tip sheet is extremely helpful – it lets me know where I should be writing. Last month, I got a $450.00 bonus check from Aetna! Keep up your fine work!"
–Anthony Potocki

Need an ultra-handy cheat sheet for Medicare Supplement Household Discounts? Us too. 

We were tired of clicking around and reading through Outlines of Coverage every time we needed to find the HHD rules.

That’s why we put together this convenient Google Sheet that houses all the HHD eligibility criteria for our most popular Medicare Supplement carriers.

"This is a great tool! You guys really take care of agents!" –Mike S.

Need a cheat sheet for Medicare Supplement signature options?

One of our agents created this spreadsheet and was nice enough to share it with us. If you sell over the phone and your clients aren't sitting in front of you, this is going to be a huge help!

Stay on top of the latest rate changes from our suite of Medicare Supplement carriers. Increases are added as they're announced, so be sure to check back or look for updates in our weekly email newsletter.

Do you have a plan for communicating rate increases with your clients? If not, it's time to start!

The postcard and email templates can be used with current clients who will be experiencing a new rate increase in the next 30-45 days.

A handout can be a huge help when it comes to explaining how Medicare works to a client. That’s why we’ve curated a guide that illustrates to your clients what Medicare Parts A & B are, and what each part covers. 

To aid you in selling a Medicare Supplement, we’ve included how a Plan F or Plan G would pick up the costs that Medicare leaves behind. Your client will quickly understand that with a Plan F or Plan G, they’d be responsible for little to nothing.

This handout compares Medicare Supplements with Medicare Advantage. If you have a contract with New Horizons, we'll even customize it for you before you pass them out to your clients.

Quoting Tools to Make Med Supp Sales Easy

Register on our website and get access to our comprehensive quoting software, which allows you to run senior market insurance quotes like never before.


  • Compare quotes: Easily compare different Medicare Supplement plans (ex: Plan F vs. Plan G) to give your customers options.
  • Universal Compare: You can now package two types of insurance using the Universal Compare feature. For example, show a client a Medicare Supplement alongside a Final Expense plan, or a Medicare Advantage plan alongside a Hospital Indemnity plan.
  • Customize your print-outs: You can put in your contact information along with a photo so that when you print off quotes, every handout is personalized to your business. Market Analytics: Toggle
  • Market Analytics on or off to show your clients age increases for the next 4 years, rate increase histories, and market data such as national lives and premium.
  • Condensed quoting: You can eliminate companies from your quoting list along with the extra quoting information in order to show the premium and company name only. This way, you can present an easy-to-read handout to your client showing only the companies you want.  
  • Health question filtering: Have a client with health conditions? Easily filter out carriers using the Health Questions filter. Any carrier that doesn’t accept those conditions will be eliminated from your list. Tip: Need extra help? Call our office and ask for John.
  • Pair a Medicare Advantage plan with a Hospital Indemnity plan: There is a built-in tool specifically for adding a HIP plan to your MA quotes. It shows the client exactly how a HIP plan can fill in the gaps.
  • Quote on the go: Use the mobile app for iPhone or Android (and tablets) to quote on the go!
  • Free trial for new agents: Not contracted with us? You can still test out our quote engine for 14 days. After the 14 days, you need at least 1 contract with us to continue using it.

A Website Built to Streamline Your Process

Our website is a huge resource for Medicare Supplement agents. If you haven't done so yet, check out our Med Supp carrier pages: Medicare Supplement Carrier Pages With Product Info, Portal Links, & Documents

Once you select a carrier, you'll see all of the information you need to learn more and get started. Each Med Supp carrier page has:

  • Link to agent portal
  • Contracting form
  • Product and carrier highlights
  • State availability
  • Detailed product information
  • Household discount information
  • Signature options
  • e-App tutorial, if available
  • Incentives
  • Resources to help you get started with Med Supp sales
  • Forms and Documents

Consistent Communication

Beyond reaching out to you on occasion to make sure you’re doing well, we also do a weekly newsletter every single Wednesday.

We take pride in our weekly newsletter and spend a good amount of time each week crafting it so that you get the most value out of it as possible.

Our newsletters always include:

  1. A featured, original article of the week
  2. Any important industry announcements
  3. Upcoming webinar information
  4. Medicare Supplement rate changes
  5. Annuity rates

This is our way of not only providing you with value very week, but of making sure you’re always in the know. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.

Top Carriers

New Horizons represents dozens of Medicare Supplement carriers.
Check our Medicare Supplement Insurance Carriers to get started.

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