A 46-page eBook that takes you on the journey from getting started to growing your agency  

The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Senior Market Insurance Agent

Getting started as an independent agent involves clearing some sizable hurdles, and a very high percentage of new agents will quit within the first year. This guide is intended to provide new or prospective agents with a broad exposure to several different concepts that take some agents years to even become aware of.  

If you’re looking for work and considering insurance sales, we’ll show you the steps to get started. If you’re already selling and looking for tips, we have you covered. If you’re a seasoned agent who is already successful, I’m sure there’s something here for you to learn as well.  

You don’t need to read this guide from start to finish, though there’s no downside to doing so. Instead, use it for reference and skip to the sections you’re interested in. 

  • Learn the reasons to get into senior market sales 
  • Discover the training and licensing you need to get started 
  • Decide if being independent or captive is right for you 
  • Understand what products to sell, the training you need, and which carriers to select 
  • Get a clear understanding of how commissions work 
  • Discover the income potential of commissions, renewals, and incentives 
  • Learn more about prospecting, selling, and follow-up 
  • Put together a business plan 
  • Implement tools & technology
  • Create systems for efficiency 

There’s truly something in this guide for everyone. Brand new agents will get a clear picture of the entire road ahead, and experienced agents can check out our suggestions for doing the work and growing the business. 

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