Download the Short-Term Care Insurance Client Leave Behind

Use this handout to help your clients understand the value of having a short-term care insurance policy. 

Medicare doesn’t cover long-term care, but long-term care insurance is expensive and hard to qualify for. Enter short-term care: an affordable way to protect finances from an unexpected situation in the future if your client needs extended care.

STCi leave behind

Get the Leave Behind

This STCi client leave behind outlines every facet of your presentation:

✓ Your odds of needing extended care after age 65 are high

✓ The costs associated with extended care are the biggest threat to your nest egg

✓ Medicare isn't enough

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Once you've made your customizations, you can order directly through Canva. You may also upload this exact 8.5" x 11" handout to a printing company, such as Vistaprint. You can choose a thicker, more substantial paper, a glossy finish (for fanciness, of course!), and even a flyer holder to display these in your entryway or on your desk.