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How to Sell Annuities In the Senior Market


Annuities are not only a great solution for a huge number of seniors, but they can help you reach your production goals.

For Michael Sams, annuities are second only to Medicare Supplements in his overall production. In 2018, Sams did $2,830,490 in annuity production alone.

In this quick training guide, you’re going to learn everything you need to know to start offering annuities to your clients.

Annuity Types and Basic Product Information

✓ Find out why annuities are not considered an investment

✓ Learn how an annuity is structured

✓ Discover which annuity type accounts for 95% of annuities sold at New Horizons

✓ Understand the annuity type we would never recommend for seniors

✓ Find out which annuity type is quickly gaining popularity

Annuity Training and Contracting

✓ Learn the 3 to-dos you need to complete in order to start selling annuities

✓ Learn about additional training opportunities here at New Horizons

Get tips from our Contracting Specialist

Annuity Conversation Starters

✓ Find out why annuities can be a tough sell

✓ Learn how to easily overcome the hurdle with clients

✓ Show clients how an annuity is more attractive than a CD, Money Market, or the Stock Market

✓ Learn why education is key

Common Client Objections

10 objections you may hear and how to swiftly overcome them

✓ What to do when your client is hesitating, but doesn't have a real objection

✓ Discover what you need to know to proactively avoid these common concerns

Handling 401 (k) and IRA Rollovers

✓ Discover the 2 main reasons a client would rollover their retirement savings to an annuity with you

✓ Learn where you can go for more information on the full rollover process

Annuity Marketing Ideas

✓ Learn the obvious first place to begin when marketing annuity products to seniors

✓ Discover all of the marketing resources already available to you 

✓ Try the simplest tactic of all that you can employ right on your office desk

In just 15 beautifully-designed pages, you'll learn all the annuity basics you need to know to start offering this product to your clients.

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