Retiring Isn't Easy – New Horizons Can Make It Easier

Coming up with with a succession plan – and ultimately a retirement plan – is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your life, especially as an independent insurance agent.

If you don't have children to pass your book to, it can be tempting to just let your business run off as you start to wind down. But this isn't a responsible decision – for you or your clients.

Our best recommendation is to consider selling your book of business. There’s something to be said about a clean break. There just is.

And talking to your FMO is the best place to start:

Higher valuation – an FMO can afford to pay more for your book

Resources in place – an FMO has resources and staff in place to take great care of your clients

Proven track record – it's easier for your clients to trust an FMO because there's a proven track record there

Easier transition – your FMO already has great relationships with your carriers

We've purchased many books of business over the last few years, and we're ready to continue that initiative. We've retained almost all of those clients, and we've developed systems of communication to make sure all clients are taken care of and know what's happening every step of the way.