Customizable Postcard and Email Templates to Make Rate Increase Communication Easy


Do you have a plan for communicating rate increases with your clients? If not, it's time to start!

The postcard and email templates can be used with current clients who will be experiencing a new rate increase in the next 30-45 days.

We know from experience that many clients are hesitant about switching companies when they've been satisfied with their coverage so far. That's why our postcard and email templates focus on the benefits of price shopping:

  • You can save hundreds of dollars per year
  • You don't have to change your coverage at all

We also included some information on having to health qualify so your clients understand this is a component. Overall, the customizable postcard and email templates should help you with your rate increase communication plan.

Customizing the Rate Increase Postcard

As long you have at least one contract with New Horizons, we'll customize the postcard for you! Let us know what you'd like on the postcard, and we'll take care of the rest.

The postcard template can currently include:

  • Your logo (if you don't have a logo, we can simply type your agency name)
  • Your address
  • Your email
  • Your website URL
  • Your phone number

Once we see your logo, we'll also adjust the colors used on the postcard to match. This way, the look and feel of the postcard is unique to your agency.

If you have a graphic designer on your team, or you'd like to make further modifications to the postcard template, we've provided the Adobe InDesign source file.

Using the Rate Increase Email Templates

The email templates are meant to be personal, so they're written as one-on-one emails. Simply copy the template you like and add it into your regular email composer.

If you're using software that handles email marketing, it's the same process. Just make sure to personalize the beginning with the First Name personalization token.

When to Use the Postcard or Email Template

Medicare Supplement rates increase due to age, claims experience, inflation, and the overall rising cost of healthcare. When rates are increasing due to age, you can time the postcard mailing or email automation around your client's birthday.

When rates are increasing due to claims experience – in other words, rates are increasing for all clients with that carrier – send the postcard or email as soon as the rate increase is announced.

Keep track of rate increases in your state on our regularly updated Medicare Supplement Rate Changes page.

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