Download the "What's Your Long-Term Care Solution?" Client Leave Behind

Be prepared with up-to-date long-term care costs and nursing home information from reputable sources like the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance and


Long-term care insurance is a tricky subject, because most seniors don't think they'll need it. However, the statistics tell a different story – and an expensive story at that. Present the hard facts to your clients with this "What's Your Long-Term Care Solution?" client leave behind.

Utilize it as a guide during your presentation, or simply leave it behind so that your clients can look at it and digest the information until you meet again.

Guide Your Life with Long-Term Care Presentation

This "What's Your Long-Term Care Solution?" client leave behind outlines every facet of your presentation:

✓ The risks are high

✓ Costs are high, too

✓ Relying on Medicaid isn't ideal

✓ Life insurance with a long-term care rider can help

Customize the Handout With Your Logo

This handout is customizable using Canva. Add your headshot, logo and contact information to make this handout entirely your own. (Details will follow in an email after you download.)

Order Flyers for a Professional Display

While it's perfectly acceptable to print these at your home or office, ordering a professionally printed flyer will add that professional touch to this handout.

Once you've made your customizations, you can order directly through Canva. You may also upload this exact 8.5" x 11" handout to a printing company, such as Vistaprint. You can choose a thicker, more substantial paper, a glossy finish (for fanciness, of course!), and even a flyer holder to display these in your entryway or on your desk.

New to Life with Long-Term Care Insurance?

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