by John Hockaday & Jeff Sams

Short-Term Care Marketing Kit

The need for extended care is real — we’ve just lived it — and we want to spark that same fire in all of our agents. We’ve found an attractive alternative to long-term care insurance that

  • you’ll prefer and
  • that your clients can get excited about. 

Short-term care is becoming the new long-term care for seniors.

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: What Happened to Long-Term Care?
  • Chapter 2: Short-Term Care vs. Long-Term Care: The Pros and Cons 
  • Chapter 3: Recommended Carriers and Comparisons 
  • Chapter 4: Sales Techniques 
  • Chapter 5: Calculating Rates and Application Details


Download this free training guide and marketing materials. Includes a 22 page guide, training videos, and marketing materials to get you started selling short-term care / recovery care insurance.

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