All the important information you need about our top final expense carriers, in one place


Speed up your final expense sales process with the Final Expense Tip Sheets. These 1-pagers are designed to give you quick access to all the critical information you need to place a case.

  • Underwriting highlights: Quickly find out underwriting guidelines for heart, cancer, stroke, diabetes, COPD, and the height/weight chart – without digging up the application.
  • Issue ages and death benefits: Scan the handy chart to find out what ages qualify and how much death benefit is permitted under the plan.
  • Contact information: Call the carrier or find the fax number without looking up websites or sifting through one to many documents.
  • e-App: As remote selling becomes a necessity in the midst of COVID-19, see at a glance which final expense carriers offer an e-Application.
  • Our experience and tips: Get a glimpse at what makes this carrier unique in our eyes based on decades of experience.

Our top carriers featured on our Final Expense Tip Sheets include Accendo/CVS Health, Aetna (American Continental), KSKJ Life, Liberty Bankers Life, Foresters, Sentinel Security Life, AIG, and Gerber Life.

New to Final Expense insurance sales? Get started with the basics: Final Expense Insurance: Level, Graded, Modified, and GI (2nd Edition)

And don't forget to grab these tip sheets – they'll help you with carrier-specific details once you're up and running.