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Medicare Advantage is the fastest growing segment of the senior health insurance industry.

Presenting 10 advantages for the senior market insurance agent, this informative e-book breaks down the basics so agents can understand why now is the best time to sell MA plans.

  • Important trends and statistics from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), L.E.K (a global strategy consulting firm), and Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF).
  • Addresses common agent concerns, including network restraints, provider acceptance, compliance, and commissions.
  • A deep look at why consumers are choosing Medicare Advantage at a rapid rate, including $0 premium trends and extra benefits encouraged by CMS.
  • Written by Steve Spinner, a Medicare Advantage connoisseur with decades of experience in the insurance industry.

If you’re hesitant to embrace Medicare Advantage – or you want some reassurance that diving in was the right decision – this free e-book is for you.

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