Client Needs Assessment for senior market insurance agentsDiscover how 10 simple questions can forever change how you pitch and sell insurance

Are you interested in cross-selling, but not sure how to go about it?

You’re 10 steps ahead of the other Med Supp-only agents out there, but you’re stuck. You need something to make the “pitch” more natural and less sales-y.

Perhaps you've tried, but prospects are put off. They think you're just trying to make an extra buck off of them.

You're definitely not alone.

Most consumers are initially skeptical of you. Cross-selling is harder than it's ever been because of this negative “salesman" perception.

If this sounds somewhat familiar, there is a solution.

A Client Needs Assessment, CNA for short, is a set of 10 psychologically-charged questions that will:

  • Help your prospects open up
  • Cause your prospects to really consider additional insurance coverage
  • Make your job of “pitching" much easier and much more natural

When we first started using this questionnaire in our agency, our agents saw immediate results. After tweaking some of the questions based on what seemed to work better and what didn't, we saw sales skyrocket.

One agent who has been in the business for close to 30 years saw her sales increase by 88%.

It's not like she was a bad agent, either — quite the opposite is true. She has always been a top producer, and she has been in the Top 3 in our Agent of the Year contest for the last 10 years.

Even if you're a great, top-producing agent, you may be missing out on a ton of business by not using some type of questionnaire with your prospects.

Imagine what it would be like to walk into an appointment and sell twice as much insurance with half the effort.

  • Your clients are opening up,
  • they're telling you about how their parents went into the nursing home, and
  • they're selling themselves on a long-term care plan before you can even start your sales pitch.

We've seen similar questionnaires from other insurance carriers and FMOs, but they come with some problems.

Some of them are product-centric.

For example, when you ask a client “Do you have a long-term care policy?" they're much more likely to shut down. To them, this question means more money and more unnecessary insurance from a greedy salesman.

Our particular questionnaire is not product-centric.

It's relationship-centric.

So, instead, you'll ask: “Have you had a family member use home health care or go into a nursing home?"

This gets the client to stop focusing on the product and instead on the need for the product. They'll start talking about their own experiences, and all the while, they're building the need for you.

We've also seen questionnaires that are 6 pages long. Your time is limited, and you want to be asking only the most valuable and necessary questions — nothing more and nothing less.

That's why our questionnaire is only 1 page long. It's less intimidating to both you and the client, and it covers all of the main topics in the shortest time frame possible.

When you download the CNA, you'll get a PDF of the questionnaire. We recommend printing out copies of this, and writing on them (by hand) during your appointments.

Clients appreciate it when they see you physically writing down notes, because it ensures that you're personalizing your service. You're not doing the same old insurance pitch for everyone.

When the appointment is over and you have your notes written down, we recommend scanning it into your computer and putting it in the correct place. Bonus points if you have a CRM set up (it makes this much more organized and accessible).

P.S: If you need pointers and a full walk-through of each question, Michael Sams has you covered. He's been using it for about 2 years now and has seen a sales increase of 76%. Read his breakdown here.