Can't cover everything during an appointment? Want a flyer or handout to guide your sales presentation?

These 9 client leave behinds are a great way to showcase senior market insurance products.

Included Client Leave Behinds

Bank CD vs. Fixed Annuity Flyer

✓ Produced by New Horizons ✓ Customization service available to contracted agents

This leave behind gives an overview of how a bank CD compares to a Multi-Year Guaranteed Annuity (MYGA). Show your clients the important features like safety, contract length, interest, and tax-deferred features.

This is ideal to guide your presentation, but it's also great to send home with your client.

(3) Equitable Secure Savings Fixed Annuity Flyers

✓ Produced by Equitable

Choose from three flyers from Equitable featuring their Secure Savings fixed annuity product.

The agents in our local agency use it as a desk display. Just print it out (or have it printed at a local print shop for a better finish), and put it in a picture frame.

When clients are meeting with you, the compelling interest rate is sure to draw their eye, and more often than not, you'll find that people actually ask you about it.

Generic Final Expense Insurance Flyer

✓ Produced by New Horizons ✓ Customization service available to contracted agents

The final expense client leave behind is non-branded, and it goes through all the important statistics about final expenses.

This is great to leave behind, but again, it's great to use as an aid during your final expense presentation.

KSKJ Life Single Premium Whole Life Flyer

✓ Produced by KSKJ Life

When it comes to Single Premium Whole Life Insurance, KSKJ Life has been our tried-and-true. We love their Single Premium Whole Life Insurance flyer* as it clearly outlines the excellent policy features.

Generic Life with Long-Term Care Rider Flyer

✓ Produced by New Horizons ✓ Customization service available to contracted agents

This client leave behind goes through all the important long-term care stats and facts with an emphasis on how life with long-term care can be a great solution.

Once again, this handout is great to leave behind, but it's also great to assist you during a presentation for the product.

Generic Cancer Insurance Flyer

✓ Produced by New Horizons ✓ Customization service available to contracted agents

The cancer insurance handout answers the question "Why is cancer insurance important?"

All of the statistics are up-to-date and are taken from reputable sources like the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, and the Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine.

(4) Equitable Teton FIA Flyers

✓ Produced by Equitable

Fixed index annuities are a great option for clients who the potential for higher gains without any risk of losing their principal. We love the Equitable Teton line as its simple to understand and there are no fees.

Equitable has four options to choose from.

Why Use Client Leave Behinds?

  • Give your clients something tangible: clients can look at the handout as you talk about each point, and if you don't have time to do a presentation, they have something tangible to take home.
  • Reach your client’s spouse and loved ones: clients can educate their loved ones at home with the correct information using a client leave behind.
  • Don’t leave the details up to your client’s memory: insurance products can be confusing for your clients, and they may forget important details – now, they can reference and remember the points that matter.
  • Showcase new products around your office: put these leave behinds in a flyer holder on your desk or reception area to reach clients who may be interested new products.
  • Open up more cross-selling opportunities: if you don’t have time to talk about cross-selling products during your appointment, send your client home with a handout. Your client leave behind gives them time to review the selling points on their own time.
  • Print the leave behind fast: there’s no need to order custom prints and wait several weeks – all of these client leave behinds are designed for standard 8.5” x 11” sized paper.