Introducing the All-Star Program for Insurance Agents

Grow Your Insurance Business By Investing In Yourself

Independent insurance agents face a variety of problems. For some of us, it’s working ourselves crazy during AEP. For others, it’s staying organized and becoming more efficient. And I’d like to think that for all of us, we’d like to increase our sales across the board.

We’ve faced these problems (and many more!) in our local agency, and through the years, we’ve implemented systems that have made an incredible impact for our bottom line.

After being approached time and time again by both new and existing agents, we’ve decided to create a comprehensive program that will transform the way you sell insurance.

“Using the skills I learned from this training program, I earned over $8,000 in commission before I even finished the course.” –“Donut” Mahon

The program consists of 4 key parts:

  1. VIP Bootcamp Training
  2. Coaching, Mentorship, and Full Team Support
  3. Technologies and Systems to Improve Your Efficiency
  4. Growth Management and Support

The VIP Bootcamp Training course will teach you how to become a well-rounded insurance producer. Ongoing training for new products and carriers is included, and you’ll have your very own training portal to refer back to when needed.

“My biggest sale stemmed from the systems you’ll learn about in this course. I was just looking to update a client’s Med Supp, but I ended up earning a $21,000 commission on a life insurance policy.“ –Laura Pecina

The methods we will teach you in the VIP Bootcamp Training have done the following for our local agency:

Increased our productivity

 Helped us with our efficiency

 Boosted our sales (massively)

 Spread out our business over the entire year – not just during AEP

 Allowed us to run reports on clients for every situation, including carrier rate increases

 Decreased time spent on “busy work” and increased time spent in front of clients

I’m Michael Sams, a sales trainer at New Horizons, and manager of Sams/Hockaday & Associates agency.

"Once I started using the methods you’ll learn in the VIP Bootcamp, my sales went from $296,000 to over $1.7 million in just one year." –Michael Sams, Director of Sales Training and Development

I want to see you succeed, which is why we’ve taken this program beyond just training:

  • If you need extra support, you’ll have a dedicated mentor you can lean on for help during appointments. Simply put your mentor on speakerphone to help with the sale.
  • Weekly conference calls provide weekly motivation, a team atmosphere, and answers to all of your pending questions.
  • Implement the tools and systems that we’ve used, which have been proven to increase your efficiency.
  • Take advantage of the full New Horizons staff support for help with contracting, compliance, marketing assistance, and more.
  • Learn how to grow your business by adding the right members to your team.
  • Become eligible for incentive trips only available to All Star team members.